Healthy SMART Goals

Since I started using SMART goals, I have been able to complete more of the important tasks. For me, this was big because I would get anxiety when I would have too many things to do, primarily because as a traveling physical therapist assistant there can be a lot to do in a short period. Now I am glad to say that my anxiety has gone way down because I use SMART goals with the more important tasks I need to complete. I hope anyone reading this will implement SMART goals into their life, and that they will see the benefits that come from setting the goals.

A SMART goal is a short statement that a person makes to lead them in the direction of what they want to accomplish. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. (1)

Setting a SMART goal helps with the clarity of what one is trying to accomplish. It gives the person a way to get to the end, it brings the person through a step-by-step journey. It makes the end result more feasible.

Everyone wants to be healthier and setting a SMART goal may be one way to do that. It can relieve stress and anxiety that lead to poor health and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

-State what you’ll do in an obvious manner
-The more specific, the better
-Use action words
-Set Real numbers with real deadlines

-DON’T: Use the term “start exercising.”
-DON’T: Say “I want to lose weight.” (Losing means you plan to find it again, you want to let it go!)

-DO: I will start exercising Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before for work for the next 4 weeks
-DO: Say “I want to get to my optimal weight.”

M- Measurable
-Provide a way to evaluate, so you will know when you’ve achieved it
-Make sure you can easily track your progress
DON’T: Eat Healthier
DON’T: Say “I will lose as much weight as possible.”

DO: Eat 5 servings of whole/raw food every day
DO: Say “I will drop 15 pounds.”

-Within your scope
-Possible to accomplish, attainable
-Work towards a goal that is challenging but possible

DON’T: Try to conquer everything right now
DON’T: Compete in an Ironman next month

DO: Run a 5k next month
DO: Say “I will accomplish it by implementing the whole food challenge for the next 24 weeks.””

-Ensure the goal is something important to you
-Be honest with yourself

-DON’T: Forget any hurdles you may have to overcome

-DO: Realize that everything has hurdles you’ll have to overcome to get to the end result.
-DO: Say “It’ll help me feel better overall.”

-Give yourself a deadline

DON’T: Keep pushing towards a goal you might hit, “someday.”
DO: 6 months from today

My goal with this article was to help you reach your goal with more ease. With that, I also hope you will be able to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.



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