Top 10 Heartburn Causing Foods

“Heartbreak is still okay, but heartburn is just too much.” – Pradyumna Sahoo

Some foods that may cause heartburn are obvious but some others may not be so obvious. It also does vary from person to person, because everyone is unique in their own way.

-Processed foods
-Peanuts/Peanut butter
-Wine and other alcoholic beverages
-Caffeinated beverages
-Chocolate, especially dark chocolate because of the caffeine
-Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges
-Spicy foods
-High-fat foods

1) The lower esophageal spincter (LES) to relax (between stomach and esophagus) so that your stomach acid has an easier time going up, where it doesn’t need to be. This is especially true with caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

2)May produce too much acid, to where the LES can’t hold it in the stomach

3)May cause too little acid, so the LES relaxes, thinking it is safe

4)Overeating, which causes the stomach to distend (stretch too much).

1) Intense exercise, especially abdominal exercises and cardio

2)Being parallel to the floor/ground

3)Bending over

4) Your feet being higher than you head (handstands/ downward dog in yoga)

5) Other medical reasons, in which you should talk with your physician

1) Sleeping with your head and upper body elevated (bed wedge or extra pillows
under your upper body

2) Being aware of what you eat, concentrating on whole foods that don’t cause
reflux, and also help the gut heal

3)Losing weight, especially around the mid-region, as losing weight will
take pressure of the stomach

4) Be in-tune with your satiety levels (fullness) when you are eating

5)Write down any foods that cause you discomfort or even pain, so that you can let
your doctor know

6)Write down everything that causes heartburn

7)Being aware of what exercises and what time you exercise causes heartburn to
be the worst (I exercise after work because heartburn is less severe throughout
the day, and laying down all night makes it so that the stomach acid
occasionally comes up)

Hopefully, this will make you aware of foods and other ways that may cause your very uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, heartburn. I only wrote about food and other lifestyle changes because there is ways to heal the gut and relieve the symptoms of heartburn a healthier way! That is why I am becoming a HEALTH COACH that specializes in digestive issues (and anxiety).

P.S. anxiety has been shown to cause an array of digestive issues because it keeps
you in the “fight or flight” mode, and out of the “rest and digest” mode




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