Being a Millennial With Anxiety and Other Issues

If you’ve ever had reflux or digestive issues like I have, that have accompanied bouts of anxiety, then there may be a reason. From all my studies about digestive issues, I have found that there may be a gut-brain connection. Now that makes sense, because I always get “butterflies” in my stomach when I get nervous, and sometimes anxious I used to be in the anxious state a lot more often, and that is when my reflux would be worse. It makes sense that being in that state constantly is not healthy for me (or us) for the gut or anything else for that matter.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), the more anxious you are the more damage you are doing to your digestive system. When you constantly anxious, like I was, some of the hormones and chemicals released by your body go into your digestive tract where they cause problems with digestion, gut bacteria, and also your antibody production. (1)

Once you are effected by a digestive condition, it can also become the compounding problem that increases your anxiety, and other digestive issues. Therefore your life. All the information in today’s world does not make it easy to live a stress-free, anxiety-free life.

It makes sense that things were happening because I was definitely having some digestive issues, that were worse back when I had more frequent bouts of anxiety. Some of the symptoms that will occur if you are stressed out a lot are indigestion, constipation, and unnatural hunger. Those are the symptoms I was having more frequently than I am having now.

I changed my eating habits, slowly but surely, and my meditation habits because I know that having reflux and the other digestive issues was not good. It only motivated me to start healing my gut, and alleviating my anxiety because I have had family members seriously effected by gut issues and anxiety.

I started out with 5 minutes of guided meditation, then gradually increased the time to 15 minutes, morning and night. And my anxiety has only gotten worse. Joking, I have been able to stay calm in the most stressful situations (especially at a job that I am not passionate about).

I will also take breaks, go somewhere quiet, and take some big,deep, slow breathes so that I can stay composed for who ever may need my help. And of course, exercise has helped me when I am stressed or anxious. I’ve also learned stress over things I can’t control makes absolutely no sense, and that the things I can control, I will control so that I can control my anxiety/stress better



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