Have I Gone Through My Quarter-Life Crisis?

I feel like I have gone through my quarter life crisis, maybe it wasn’t as bad as others. I am 26 and have only recently found my way.

I believe it all started in 2010, after I graduated high school in New Hampshire. I then went to NHTI in New Hampshire for Sports Management, and quickly realized that management, even for a sports team, was very boring. I ended up changing my degree to liberal arts and also going to Great Bay Community College (also in New Hampshire), eventually transferring the credits back to NHTI.

I ended up graduating from NHTI in 2013 with an associate’s in Liberal Arts, but it didn’t feel like I accomplished anything. Knowing that liberal arts degrees can’t get you much these days, lead to me to believe that I wasted my time (3 years of my life).

I then took the rest of 2013 off of school, and worked. At some point in that year I decided I wanted to move to Colorado, so I used “furthering my college education” as an excuse to go. I chose to go to Fort Lewis College in Colorado at the beginning of 2014 for Exercise Physiology.

Within a year of going to Fort Lewis College, I had no idea what I was actually doing. So I started working full-time at Walmart and doing part-time schooling. I was doing that for another year, and still didn’t know what I was doing or what my purpose was. I knew that working at Walmart was not my calling. (Shout out to the people who have the calling of working at Walmart, but it is not for me.)

I think that was when my quarter-crisis was. I was about 25 years old and I had no idea what I was doing!!!! AHHHHH

I ended up becoming a personal trainer, at some point while working at Walmart, but didn’t ended up training my first client until I started to the next college of choice!! (It is middle of 2016 now) It was just right across the Colorado-New Mexico border in a town called Farmington, New Mexico. The college I went to was San Juan College. Again, I chose this because I wanted to know more about the body. (Why didn’t I just stay at Fort Lewis College, I don’t know)

I ended up going there to become a Physical Therapist Assistant. I did end up graduating with a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) certificate, in May of 2018. It felt great because I knew I was going be getting paid soon. I also decided to become a traveling Physical Therapist Assistant because I have always wanted to travel. ( I didn’t travel much when I was younger, this may be the reason that I chose to become a traveler).

I honestly wasn’t thinking much of how the job would be, because all I was thinking about was having the ability to travel. So I headed to Beaumont, Texas, shortly after graduating, for my first job as a traveling PTA working in Home Health. It was fun for a few weeks because I got to see another part of the country.
I soon realized being in Home Health wasn’t for me. (This was between August and November of 2018). At some point during my time in Texas, I started looking for traveling jobs near home (New Hampshire) for the holidays, and the closest I could get was Maryland. I felt terrible because I still didn’t find fulfillment or passion. I also felt that I had just wasted another 2 years of my life (Minus the fact that I met some great people)

So I decided to travel to Maryland for work. It was in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), so I figured I would be okay, because it was something other than Home Health. Needless to say my optimism lasted a month or so, and realized that being a PTA is not for me. I stuck it out for the remainder of the contract.

During that contract I started listening to podcasts, because I found out they were free. (I didn’t ever hear people talk about them, so I figured it must cost something. Am I naive or what!) That is when I started to “binge listen” to the Model Health Show by Shawn Stevenson, because I found it so interesting. He then had a guest named Cynthia Garcia on one of his episodes, and she talked about her health coaching school, Institute of Transformation (ITN).

Shortly before I heard that podcast I started researching other jobs in the health field, and health coaching came up, and found I started feeling passionate about something that I never have before. So I spent time doing my research about them, but for some reason I didn’t apply to any of the ones that I found. This is when I heard that podcast episode, and realized that it was the one I was looking for! So I joined 2 weeks later! (~March of this year, 2019).

I knew it was a big commitment but I felt so passionate about it that I knew I had to do it. That leads us to today June 10,2019 and am over 2/3 of the way through the program, trying to get through as fast as possible while still taking all the information in. I am also currently at my 3rd travel assignment in Maryland, at another SNF.

My day is better knowing that I’ve made the right choice in becoming a health coach. Although, it seems like the process is becoming painfully slow. I am able to get through my day at the SNF by thinking about that next step in the right direction. Becoming a health coach.

I also know that it was the right choice because I want actually put in the work to become a health coach. Other times, going for other jobs, it felt like more of a chore, not something that I wanted to necessarily put work into.

I feel like a lot of the choices I have made by going to all those schools were me being naive, not really planning. But I am glad to say that my naivety has led me to something I am passionate about.

As for the personal training certificate, I still do help people here and there. I may decide to incorporate it into my Health Coaching Business

(The real reason I did go to Colorado was to snowboard. I ended up going to Vail, Colorado, and found it to be the best snowboarding ever, even though I did injure my back, but that is a story for another time )

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