How I Learned About the Importance of Health, Working In a Nursing Facility

I’m sure a lot of you have been to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) whether it be because you had/have a family member there or you work there. If you were there visiting, did you see how healthy a lot of the patients were, or appeared to be? If you did not, then you may be lucky because there are patients that can’t care for themselves. It is unfortunate. It makes you wonder how it happened, is it just an age thing?

Or at least that’s what I wonder every time I see them. Which is often, because I do currently work at a SNF, as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). A lot of the patients that I work with can do a lot, but they can not do everything, and I can only help so much.

I can help them strengthen their legs, walk with more stability and a regular walking pattern, and increase their balance. Doing activities that relate to those areas, do give the patient the ability to do more, but for me, that is not enough. Every time they reach their goals, I just wonder what it would have been like if they lived the healthiest life possible before being admitted to the SNF. Unfortunately, some of the patients were born with deficits that are irreversible (or at least that’s what the doctors say because the answers have not been found yet.

If the patients did take care of themselves their whole life by practicing self-care, eating healthy, and having other positive lifestyle changes, what would they be like now? (If they had the ability.) I am sure there wasn’t as much of a health craze when they were growing up, as there is now, so they just thought anything could be eaten. (Hooray for being a millennial for having to sort through all the health information and find what works best.)

Them thinking it was okay to eat whatever they wanted, may be a significant factor as to why there are so many elderly people that are not just physically weakened, but they are mentally impaired. It could also be many other things that were out of their control.

My point is that it is sad to see people in this shape. That is why I am motivated to practice self-care daily, eat the healthiest diet possible (I do cheat, I know I’m not perfect), and make other positive lifestyle changes. Through all that I have learned becoming the healthiest version of myself, I’ve realized that it is a better idea to teach people what I have learned instead of keeping the information to myself.

This exact reason is why I became a personal trainer, and currently in the process of becoming a health coach who helps millennials that have anxiety and/or stress that has led to heartburn get the relief they want so that they can go for their dreams. I want to see our generation be the healthiest and happiest generation there ever was! When were are beyond the age of retirement, I want us to be living comfortably without the aches and pains that are seen currently.

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