I’m A Heartburn Health Coach, But I am Not Perfect

I’m a heartburn health coach, but I am not perfect. I am a health coach that helps people with heartburn. I do this because I have gone through pretty painful and uncomfortable bouts of heartburn, and I know there are other people out there like me! Through my healing process, I have learned so much about the body and how it is possible to relieve heartburn with diet and lifestyle changes. However, still, I am not perfect.

From all the I have learned about relieving my heartburn, I have also learned about what makes it worse. It wasn’t just me reading about what makes heartburn worse. It’s from my own experiences. Knowing the foods that make it worse, doesn’t stop me from occasionally eating the problematic foods (I do sometimes forget because of how long I may have gone without).

The most recent food I regretted the day after…. was pasta, more specifically baked mac and cheese. It was so good, but still not worth it, and it honestly made me think of pizza. (If you guys are ever in Dover, New Hampshire you need to go to La Festa Brick Oven Pizzeria.) The day after was terrible, and so was the rest of the week. I knew that it would cause heartburn while I was eating it, but there was a tiny bit of HOPE that it wouldn’t.

From this, I have learned the importance of listening to my body, because it knows best. If something is giving me heartburn, then my body is rejecting it. That is an apparent reason to discontinue eating it, and not have it again.

It sounds hypocritical of me being a health coach knowing that pasta causes my heartburn to come back, but continuing to make the same mistake. Me going against what I know as causes of my heartburn, but continuing to eat it occasionally, shows you that I am not perfect, neither is anyone else. I slip up, but I get back on the wagon (wagon of heartburn relief) because I know from all the research and reading that there are ways. There are ways to relieve anyone’s heartburn, and I would be glad to help them find what works for them! I will do this as a Heartburn Health Coach.

1) No one is perfect; we all slip up; we need to get back on the “wagon of heartburn relief.”
2) Listen to your body, if it doesn’t like something, it will tell you.


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