Millennial Health Overload

I am a health coach, and a millennial. I just read a report on how millennial’s are not as healthy as Generation X born people, at the same age. (1) Me being a millennial and a heartburn health coach, I found this to be terrible! I want WE NEED the millennial generation to be healthier than the previous because the healthcare costs are already too high!

With all the information out there I know it can be very confusing to know where too look when you want to become healthier. I have a feeling that is why people turn to medication. As a millennial I know it is tough because we are growing up in the “information age” where we can get the information in a matter of seconds, but a lot of the time people turn to medication because it is a quick, easy (temporary) fix.

When we do a search on any health related topics there is bound to be countless articles, many of them contradicting each other. We then find ourselves going down the famous rabbit hole. Before we know it we are not even close to the topic we searched for! This can be a cause for increase in stress, which can cause a plethora of other health issues. (Maybe even some of the ones the the study)

How are we (millennial’s) supposed to learn how to truly get healthy, when there is so much information! (Can you say stressful?) This doesn’t help millennial’s when it comes to health. According to a Blue Cross, Blue Shield study millennial’s are not as healthy as Generation X born babies in 8/10 categories. Some of those categories include: type II diabetes, depression, hyperactivity, and cholesterol). I know heartburn (digestive issue) isn’t one of the categories but I know that it can be linked to them because the body is supposed to be treated as a machine with all the parts working in synergy!

As a health coach who specializes in helping millennial’s with heartburn, I still know it is possible to help other people in NEED of a healthy lifestyle! From all the research I have done, going down that rabbit hole I know, from experience, that it can take A LOT of time to find the information you need to relieve whatever symptoms you have! BY being a health coach, my mission is to save people time and stress by bringing them through a diet, lifestyle, and positive mindset change so that they can follow their dreams (It’s cliche to say this but, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE).


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