You might ask what a positive immune system is. It can be whatever you want it to be, but for now we’ll call it an immune system that is at its best! There are many ways to have a positive immune system, from FREE to… a lot of money. You can choose what’s best for your. I’m just here to guide you in making choices to better your immune system.

First, I’ll tell you a little about myself. I’ve been a personal trainer for about 5 years. As a personal trainer I realized there was something missing. Some of that was the knowledge about the body, so that’s where I decided to go to physical therapist assistant (PTA) school. I did end up going, graduating, and then started as a traveling as PTA. I soon realized that I did not like it. One, I don’t like working for other people, two, I saw how bad it can be if you don’t take care of yourself now. About 6 months after starting as a traveling PTA, I heard something that was right up my ally, and that was a health coach! So I became one, and soon realized this is where I’m supposed to be! That leads me to now. I’m a health coach, personal trainer, and entrepreneur.

Going back to building your positive immune system. I said there are free ways to build it. Some of Those are: meditation, which a large encompassing group of activities that you can use to calm your body down. Meditation will take you from a fight or flight mode, to a rest and digest mode. This is where you can really heal the body and therefore increase the efficiency of your immune system. Mindfulness, which is part of meditation. Mindfulness is the act of focusing on the present moment. Breathing is also considered a part of meditation. There are many ways to breathe but it’s most common to breathe slowly, as to promote rest and digest.

Another free way to build your positive immune system is exercise. Although exercise brings your body into fight or flight mode, it is okay because it helps your immune system prepare for an actual fight or flight situation. So when you are in that situation your immune system can properly adapt. It’ll also help support your body and the immune system because it’ll help the flow of the all important blood. Now obviously you can spend money on equipment, but I’m here to show the less fortunate ways they can build their positive immune system.

Thoughts. Thoughts are another great way to build your immune system. Every thought will effect you in a negative or positive way, there fore effecting your immune system. Information X Focus= Personal Reality. If you’re stressing over negative information, you’re immune system is going to go into fight or flight. That’s where you want to be if you’re getting chased by a tiger. That’s not where you want to be when you’re living your everyday life, unless getting chased by a tiger is part of your everyday life. In those situations, People’s bodies are “thinking” they’re getting chased by a tiger because they don’t know how to focus on positive thoughts. People let all the little, insignificant, negative thoughts control their thoughts. All those negative thoughts derive from fear. Late for work? Trying to finish something before the deadline? Instead of looking at it like that, try looking at as what it will be like what it’ll be like when you CRUSH your day at work, even though you’re late. Think about what it’ll be like when the deadline is passed and you CRUSHED it.

Something that is a positive thought, is being grateful, but I wanted to separate it because it is the one of the most beneficial thoughts that you can do for yourself, and your immune system. It may be hard to see what to be grateful for there IS something to be grateful for. There are always people that are worse off than you. There are people that don’t have what you have. Try thinking of things that you are grateful for that are not physical materials, it may be easier. One thing that I am grateful for is that I can walk. This is because I’ve worked with geriatric patients, that can’t even get out of bed by themselves, and also can’t even stand up.

Let’s continue getting some free positive immunity. Your community. Being around the people who uplift you, that care about you, will bring your emotions in the positive direction. That will lead to a stronger immune system.

Another of the major acts you can do for your immune system is SLEEP. It’s common to say that 6-8 hours is good. So we will stick with that, but there is so much you can do to improve your sleep, some being limiting your blue light exposure prior to going to better, and sleeping in the right climate and temperature.

So we can’t talk about immunity, without talking about what you are putting in your body. What you consume effects your immune system. Eating for YOU, is the only way to eat. Everybody is different, no one person is the same. This is why you can’t follow the crowd, you need to find what foods are best for you, and there are many ways you can go about doing that.

So now for some things that help immunity, that have minimal cost attached to it. One of the best options is cold showers. You’re already taking a shower, why not save money by using less hot water and increasing your immune system? Cold showers help by constricting and dilating blood vessels, increasing blood flow., therefore making you feel better. Therefore increasing your immune system.

Building your positive immune system doesn’t have to be expensive, so we’ll continue with more options for you. For this we are going to assume you have a computer or smart phone, because you’re reading this. So, technology, can actually be beneficial for immune system but you have to use it properly. With all that information in our hands, using it properly, can be difficult, but it can be done. So, the way to build your immune system with your phone or computer is to research things that make bring about any positive emotion. Looking up feel good music, videos, blogs, or other information, is something you can do with your phone or computer that can build your positive immune system.

I wanted to help you guys find ways to build a positive immune system, that a free or minimally cost because our current situation doesn’t allow people to spend too much money. (Or is that their perception because of the information they were fed along with what they are focusing on.) But for the people who do still have money and for some reason, have access, then definitely go for it!

To name a few things that could build your positive immune system are: personalized supplements, not blind supplements; cryotherapy; red light therapy; exercise equipment; high quality, minimally processed food.

I hope this at least gave you some ideas on how to build your immune system. Let me know what you want more information on and I’ll do my best to get it.

THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT. No editing has been completed, and I also just went straight through, not putting much thought about structure.

DISCLAIMER We do not diagnose, treat, heal, cure or prevent any illness, medical condition or mental or emotional condition and nothing on our website, its content or in our services is intended to diagnose, treat, heal, cure or prevent any illness, medical condition or mental condition. Thomas F Pearce LLC provides health coaching information and education. Our services are not medical or mental health advice. Thomas F Pearce is a health coach, not a mental health or healthcare professional. Nothing on our website, in our Content or in our Services should be construed as healthcare or mental health advice or as a substitute for a consultation with a healthcare or mental health professional who can review and advise you on your specific situation. Anyone choosing to implement any information on our website or in our Services should obtain prior medical clearance from a licensed or registered healthcare or mental health professional to declare them sufficiently healthy, and determine that the information on our website or in our services is appropriate and useful for them. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking professional advice because of information you have read on our website, or received from us. Coaching is in no way to be construed as psychological counseling, therapy or medical advice.

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